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Top 10 Retail Analytics Companies in UK – 2020

Today, digital transformation is reshaping shopping experiences and customer expectations of physical stores of e-commerce. And as the COVID-19 outbreak has fundamentally changed the way of doing business, it also brought many existing technologies to the forefront—reformed retail analytics, for example.

While analytics has already been in use across many physical and online retails, the current crisis will see it evolving beyond its current state. As the pandemic turns the world upside down and impacts customer demand, one of the rising concerns is predicting the shift in user behaviour. Therefore, businesses’ ability to scale their analytics solution will play a critical factor in future competition. In that sense, AI and machine learning (ML) are two crucial components of retail analytics, and comprehensively training these two tools are the key to unlock success.

Moreover, since many retail businesses are looking to use big data, demand forecasting driven by ML is becoming one of the innovative methods to optimise customer and supplier relationship management, logistics and manufacturing processes, and running smart marketing campaigns. Data science technologies, additionally, have also made significant progress in today’s personalisation tools. Data science and ML-powered engines can make personal recommendations to customers even before they know what they want themselves. The integration of different touchpoints and sales channels is also a rising trend in favour of better retail analytics. Together with that, unified platforms are helping retailers centralise their data repositories and knock the information silos down.

At this juncture, retail analytics solution providers with advanced and integrated offerings are on the rise. To help agencies strengthen their operations capabilities and simultaneously enable growth in the sector, Retail Tech Insights has compiled a list of the 10 retail analytics companies in UK. The list comprises prominent organisations in the industry that address challenges in the domain of retail analytics by implementing current trends. Besides, the magazine also includes insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Retail Tech Insights, “Top 10 Retail Analytics Companies in UK– 2020.”

    Top Retail Analytics Companies in UK

  • Native is a New York-based technology company that has devised a simple yet genius way to get store-level data through an Uber-like network of locals dynamically tasked to capture data from stores in their city, delivering highly validated results to the brand in near real time. Native aims to be the fastest, most affordable, and most well-validated source of locally collected data available in the world. They are currently working across 50 countries, particularly in high growth and emerging markets, with some of the world’s top brands

  • BeMyEye


    Operating in 21 countries, the company tracks Perfect Store execution metrics, such as share of shelf, promotional compliance, peak trading out of stock and brand recommendation, by deploying more than 2.5+ Million on-demand data gatherers using the BeMyEye app, and leveraging cutting-edge neural-network Image Recognition technologies to analyse the data. The company works with more than 300+ leading FMCG, Consumer Electronics and Pharmaceutical companies, such as Nestle, PepsiCo, Ferrero, Samsung, JUUL, J&J and RB.BeMyEye operates in the UK, Ireland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Russia, and CIS

  • Beyond Analysis

    Beyond Analysis

    Beyond Analysis is a data science, analytics and strategic data solutions and consulting business. We are globally aligned, yet locally focused, in delivering advanced data solutions.​Since 2007, we have helped our clients globally use data to drive efficiency gains and business improvements by enabling them to better understand their customers and business operations. Using the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning we model and forecast behaviour, that, via our proprietary visualisation tools, enables the sharing of insights for taking action and delivering competitive advantage.​We operate our data-led strategy consulting services globally and deliver our data science, engineering and analytics through the highest quality data talent, borderless data services and best in class global thinking.

  • ciValue


    ciValue accelerates FMCG retailers’ ability to become customer-centric and transforms their entire retail marketing experience. Our self-serve, AI-driven customer data platform empowers retailers to easily and independently analyze, leverage and monetize customer data in a highly personalized, effective and profitable manner. By enabling scaled personalization through simple workflows and automated customer and category data analysis, our easy-to-use, integrated platform replaces manual and costly consulting services. Recently named a 2019 Gartner Cool Vendor in Retail for Excellent Execution of Customer Expectations

  • Facit Data Systems

    Facit Data Systems

    Facit is a specialist technology company that helps retailers generate intelligence to create competitive advantage, build customer satisfaction and optimise sales. Our suite of in-store analytics solutions provides you with easy-to-understand insights into your customers'​ behaviour, needs and preferences

  • Irisys


    Irisys is the world’s leading supplier of people counting sensors. We have 20+ years of experience and have deployed over 500,000 units worldwide. Our Vector 4D people counter is the most advanced ever people counter ever and is perfect for retail analytics, supermarket queue management and space utilisation applications.Combined with powerful counting algorithms, Irisys people counters provide our end-users with data that can transform their understanding of their businesses. Working through a worldwide network of partners, we can provide our end-users with local support and a wide variety of software solutions and installation services

  • Kalibrate


    Kalibrate’s decision-making software empowers fuel and convenience retailers across the globe with the market intelligence, micro-local data, and precision pricing and planning tools they need to gain real competitive advantage. For over 25 years, Kalibrate has been the chosen decision-making partner of 300+ fuel and convenience retailers in over 70 countries. The firm is headquartered in Manchester UK, with local offices in the USA, Canada, India, China, Australia, and Japan

  • Panintelligence


    Panintelligence is a three-in-one single solution, combining business intelligence with quick and easy reporting, and powerful predictive analytics in self-service dashboards.White label our software, embed us into your product, and hook us up to cloud data warehousing and ETL tools to create a seamless analytics experience that your users will love

  • RI


    At RI we are driven by our curiosity to find new ways to unlock the potential of data, to create more value for our global clients. We believe the future of analytics is democratisation; creating and sharing relevant and accessible insight across organisations, top to bottom, left to right. We are a global people and technology company, who understand our industries and their trading challenges first hand, but we don’t rest on our experience. We blend this domain knowledge with a curiosity and a desire to find new analytic approaches and techniques. This is how we design the most appropriate data driven, analytics solutions to help our our clients trade more effectively, including Wal-Mart, Diageo, Mondelez, ASDA, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Red Bull, Kimberly-Clark and Danone-Waters.

  • ShopperTrak


    ShopperTrak, part of Sensormatic Solutions, partners with retailers, malls and entertainment venues to help them better understand consumer behavior and leverage that information to increase profitability. Through the use of analytics, ShopperTrak enables clients to increase traffic, conversion and transaction size. Constant innovation, global reach, and benchmarking set us apart. Today, ShopperTrak manages in excess of 150,000 devices and serve more than 2,100 customers worldwide.Sensormatic Solutions helps retailers deliver frictionless personalized experiences by powering accurate decision-making across the enterprise. We make connections and bridge gaps across retail enterprises to deliver critical, real-time insights into inventory, shoppers, associates and the retail environment

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